Are you looking for a new place to call home? Buying a condo is a life-altering decision, and the type of condo that you decide to purchase could mean the difference between it changing your life for better or worse. There are a lot of condos to choose from in Singapore, but none quite like Reflections at Keppel Bay.

These condos are built with quality and luxury in mind at every single step. From the exterior look to every square foot of the interior, the location, the view it offers of the beautiful city and beyond, and so much more—nothing about this stunning condo development was left up to chance. The developer carefully crafted the masterpiece every step of the way, and now that Reflections at Keppel Bay has been unveiled, all that hard work is paying off. Locals are flocking to Reflections at Keppel Bay to claim one of these luxurious apartments for their own, and the residents who already call this incredible location home cannot get enough of it. However, there are still a few coveted spots still left available for grabs—and here is what you need to know about them.

The average price per psf sits right at S$4.4, and there are units of all types available right now. Regardless of the size of your family or what you are looking for in your next condo, Reflections at Keppel Bay has something for everyone. From the right size condo you need for your family size, to the best nightlife, family friendly entertainment, dining and shopping opportunities, scenic views, and more, Keppel Bay has it all. Whether you’re a bachelor looking for your bachelor pad, or a family with three kids, you can easily and comfortably make your dream home—and lifestyle—here at Reflections at Keppel Bay.

The property boasts a gorgeous Clubhouse, well-furnished with modern, sleep furniture and gorgeous pieces of art. The indoor gymnasium and the outdoor fitness station are a great place to help you keep fit, whether by lifting weights or going for a jog along the waterfront promenade. With a tennis court, two playgrounds for the younger residents, and so much more, there is never a dull moment with Reflections at Keppel Bay.